Products from African Countries

Products made by people in the villages of Africa

Our African products are purchased directly from local village entrepreneurs. All the ingredients and resources used in every single item are naturally and ethically sourced.

Our partnership with these villages improves the lives of the craftspeople, their children, and their villages. In return, these wonderful products bring the African culture to Michigan. We offer rare and authentic products that are hard to find in the US.


Eenhulo/traditional  dresses

Eedelela skirts

Traditional man shirts

T-shirts (with Kolele Energy printed on them,

Traditional dresses

Jewelry and Accessories

Bracelets made from animal skin

Bracelets made from beads

Earings made from beads

Earnings made from seashells

Necklaces from beads


Necklaces (iilanda yomofingo).

Key Chains



Hats (with Kolele Energy printed on them  and logo)

Oudjato( traditional bag)


Kitchen and Home

Iimbale (woven bows)

Wooden bowls (omatiti)

Wine wooden cups (Omaholo)

More wooden bowl

Basket-made Tote Bags

Laundry Baskets

Home Decors

Wooden cooking sticks

Traditional health and wellness products

Cooking Utensils (traditional)